Art Storage London
Terms and Conditions

Please be advised we only store packed/crated artwork.

Collection can be organised within 24 hours of the quote being submitted.

We will need you to provide a description of art being stored, dimensions, type of packaging and insured value.

The value should be no more than the market value, and we don’t store items with a value of over £20,000.

Expected duration of the storage, we charge 3 months minimum to allow for an economic weekly rate charge.

All art is valued at the market price or its insured value, whichever is lower.

All claims direct or consequential are limited to the declared value or the market value, whichever is lower value.

We retain a lien on all stored items.

Items stored with rent overdue by 6 months will be sold at the best value price to recover the rent and the balance returned.

We undertake the safe storage and transport of your art but limit all claims, however, caused to the indicated market value or market price, whichever is lower.

All disputes are subject to English Law Exclusively

Waiver and variations to the Terms and Condition are only allowed with the written consent of both parties.